Let us make your team stand out of the crowd, we're the cap awsomeness experts !

EMBROIDERED-CAPSWe’ve been creating quality customized hats since 1998 when we set up stalls in major shopping centers. When demand grew, we created an easy online ordering system giving you the option to order custom embroidered caps from the comfort of your own home or office. We’re creating so many customized hats each day we now have a team dedicated to online ordering & processing – we’re even delivering all around the world.
Ordering online is easy – it’ll only take you about 3 minutes to order your embroidered caps online and our designers will pop it in the post to you within the next couple of days. You should receive your personalized cap within 14 business days, GUARANTEED !!

Embroidered caps can be use for:

  • Marketing purposes
  • Casual wear
  • Team wear
  • Over uniform
  • Armed forces

Why buy from us ?

  • Mulitple cap colors
  • Choose assorted cap colors
  • No artwork setup fee
  • No digitizing fee
  • No shipping fee
  • No extras for mulitple colors
  • No hiddens charges

Give us a change to make you some caps and we’re 100% sure you’d be glad to have ordered with us. To request a quote for caps, please click CUSTOMIZED EMBROIDERED CAPS QUOTATION.

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