Finest quality, Velcro Patches made with perfection and detail, your ought to order for a second time.

velcro patches

Velcro Patches

All Types of Velcro Patches Available

Velcro Patches and iron-on patches has been out specialty for couple of decades. Here we design and make these patches to fulfill customers expectation.

With the experience of manufacturing millions of customized patches. We have catered various Corporate, Government, Social and Non-Profit Organizations. Some of them may include:

  • Velcro Patches

  • Velcro Badges

  • Hook & Loop Patches

  • Hook & Loop Badges

  • Custom Velcro Badges

  • Velcro Patches Designs

  • Velcro Badges Designs

  • Custom Velcro Patches

  • Custom Velcro Badges

  • Velcro Embroidered Badges

  • Velcro Embroidered Patches

  • Custom Made Velcro Patches

  • Custom Made Velcro Badges

Many different organizations from small to large sizes have used AE Custom Patches with confidence.

We use the high quality materials for producing Custom Velcro Patches and employ state-of-the-art technology with some of the best embroidery standards and highest thread counts in the industry, our quality and speed of producing Custom Velcro Patches is second to none! AE Custom Patches has many decades of experience manufacturing all types of Custom Velcro Patches, Custom Velcro Badges, Velcro Embroidered Patches, Velcro Embroidered Badges so you can order from us knowing you will be satisfied with the quality and speed of which your patches will arrive. We guarantee it!!

We not only offer the highest quality embroidery on our Custom Velcro Patches, Custom Velcro Patches at the lowest prices, we will produce and ship them to you in 14 days or less – GUARANTEED!

All new orders come with:

  • No setup fee
  • Free artwork setup
  • No digitizing charges
  • No extras for upto 9 colors
  • Free embroidered sample image
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world

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